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          Characteristics and advantages of aluminum formwork

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          Characteristics and advantages of aluminum formwork

          Date:2017-11-15 Author:Nanyang Lingyu Machinery Co., Ltd. Click:

              Aluminum template template is also known as Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Alloy production building templates, template design and application of aluminum construction, the construction industry is a big development, aluminum formwork construction popular, mainly because of technical indicators is more advanced, more can meet the state and society of architectural engineering requirements. The defects of the traditional template are solved, and the construction efficiency is greatly improved.
              Short construction period. Aluminum formwork system for quick release system, a set of templates of normal construction can reach four days a, and can expand the pipeline construction better, greatly improve the construction schedule, the cost of management.
              Long service life, low cost, Aluminum Alloy template normal turnover of up to 150 times, and the Aluminum Alloy template price is only 75% of the price of the whole steel formwork, because each of the amortization of all steel template for less than 30%.
              The support is simple: the aluminum alloy template adopts the independent support, the operating space is big, the personnel passes, the material transportation unimpeded, the field is easy to manage.
              It has good stability and high bearing capacity. Can reach 60kn per square meter of bearing capacity of most aluminum formwork system, formwork are sufficient to meet the requirements of bearing capacity of most residential buildings.
              Wide range of applications. Aluminum template for walls, floors, stairs, windows, horizontal floating plate. The use of ring beam, structural column, anti Kan two structure formwork still useful.
              Less seams, high accuracy, good effect of the concrete surface after stripping. Aluminum building template removal, concrete surface quality smooth, basically can reach the veneer and water requirements of concrete, without plaster, plaster cost saving.
              Site construction waste less, support system concise. Aluminum formwork system all accessories can be used repeatedly, the construction site after the removal, no garbage, the support system has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly, so the construction of environmental safety, clean and tidy.
              Standard and versatility. Aluminum template specifications, according to the project with different specifications of the board assembly; the used template reconstruction of new buildings, only need to replace the non standard board can reduce the cost of about 20.
              The construction quality precision is high: the concrete wall formed by the aluminum formwork is smooth and smooth, and reaches the level of the fair faced concrete. The qualified rate of the structure size can reach 100%, which can reduce the decoration cost of the building surface while ensuring the quality of the project.
              Low carbon emission reduction. All materials of aluminum formwork system are renewable materials, which conform to the national regulations on energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon and emission reduction of construction projects.